Roleplay adventures: The good, the bad, and the not so pretty.

So this post was pretty close to being a rant laden with rage and depressing thoughts. You know how sometimes you wake up on a given morning, groggily begin to go on about your day… suddenly you get jumped by life or people and your next thought is what the fuck just happened? That was my morning in a nutshell. Oh, it did give me an idea for a blog post. But not today. I want to have my wits about me when I tackle that subject. Why? Because I don’t want to add weight to your day with my own woes. We all have our battles, and as much as this is about me expressing myself, I do hold respect for my kind audience. I don’t want to look back at this post and be like ‘my God, what a drama queen’. Instead, I want to look back and say ‘phew, at least I handled it properly’.

So anyway, going with the outline I had, this week’s topic shall be roleplay. I chose it because at this time, the entirety of my current reader base (or almost) came to be acquainted with me through roleplay. But I’ll get on that soon.

There are few activities that are so difficult to understand by an outsider. The idea of pretending to be something or someone you are not, without being an actor and thus paid for it, is alien for the average person. That’s part of what makes us geeks. The most committed among us will create suits and props to fit those from the reference lore, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, comics and so on. They will go as far as playing live action stories; you can see Jedi diving through the deep lakes of Naboo while you are standing on a busy New York street. You go to a park and as your dog stops to do his or her business, you catch sight of a game of quidditch not two hundred paces from you. It’s an entirely new world, it is a book taken to the next step. To many an outsider, it is bonkers. To us, it is poetry in motion. It is creative bliss.

I have never taken part on a LARP activity and I probably never will, for the same reason I don’t do a lot of stuff: I’m shy. But I truly, honestly admire their commitment to the stories they love.

I began roleplaying on forums, nearly eight years ago. At the time, I didn’t even know that such a thing even existed. I was simply browsing, found a roleplaying forum, went in and began to read. I liked it. I saw vampires and werewolves, angels and demons, futuristic armies marching to battle, kingdoms of wonder falling into deep strife. It was people creating a story together. Building an entire saga from the ground up. My English was hardly what it is today; I had no idea what I was doing. I chose a thread and signed up. On day one, my posts were one liners, three at best. My post on day two was three paragraphs. Thus began an epic, emotional adventure that lasted for about a year. The friends I made there took me along on other RPing adventures, one after the other, and then I caught another thread and joined it, and from there I was invited to join another one… I probably took part in a total of twenty different plots and lores created from pretty much scratch. It was an amazing run, and I met some awesome people. Most of them have vanished, but the memories linger.

I was largely inactive until, long after I began to play WoW, I became curious about the RP there. I went on a random server, Blackwater Raiders. It wasn’t so bad, I found a roleplaying guild, good atmosphere. But the activity died out fast. I joined a RPing community that was WoW based, spanning all servers (or so they tried), and it was good for a while. I hopped on Earthen Ring largely because I was on Eastern Time. That was another good run, though in the end it had a sort of… noisy fallout. I kinda left that community and never peeked in again. It was not their fault, they are good peeps and did nothing wrong to me. But it was also lacking seriously in activity. I was now in Earthen Ring though, stranded and alone. I played on my own for a year or so, I usually try to not remember those lonely days and my futile attempts to get RP. Until Cataclysm rolled in and I started a Worgen Warrior…

It has been a freaking roller coaster ride ever since. From the day my Worgen saw the light to the present, he has been a sellsword, then a sailor, then a Captain, got married twice, lost his wife and unborn child, (the second marriage was retconned by the opposing party), formed a guild, left it, fought in two major campaigns, found his sister, made friends and less than friends… Long story short, he is nowadays a prominent member of one of the most (if not THE most) important guilds in the server, he is a decorated Admiral and wealthy merchant, owns two ships and a trading company, is in charge of the guild’s fleet and has got some pretty serious friends… and the poor bastard finally found love, after who knows how many failed attempts. His lass is fantastic, and let me tell you he is bonkers for her, though he has been burned so badly that it took him time to recover. This is it though, finally he has found a lass to love forever. A family to keep forever.

My night elf hunter, the very same toon I started playing WoW with on a trial account, the one that transferred to Earthen Ring years ago, is doing better too, although his development has been much slower. He has friends now at least. Night Elf friends. And a mate. Poor sod also had to fail once before finding the right woman, but that happens to all of us, doesn’t it?

Out of game, it has been an even bumpier ride than in game. I’ve made good friendships and later been scorched as they go up in flames. I’ve trusted people and been betrayed. I’ve felt the love and then all the hate. I’ve lent a hand and seen backs turn. I’ve heard gossip and watched backstabs. I have known harassment and intolerance.

And I have also met kind, creative, incredibly strong people that I could only hope to emulate someday. People that help me keep my faith in humanity when everyone else shatters it. People that lead by example, people that no matter what will be there for you, even though they too have busy lives and their own woes. Their example humbles me, and being acquainted with them honors me.

Arialynn, Ephasia, Kelaani, and so many other names. I love you all. Thank you all for the fun times, and here is to many more years.

See you in game.


One Response to “Roleplay adventures: The good, the bad, and the not so pretty.”

  1. I do so love RPing with you, dearie. You are intense, dedicated to your stories and you create incredibly engaging characters and storylines. I am thrilled to colaborate with you. Here’s to much more fun.


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