When you do not know what to write about.

Sometimes when I sit down to write, the topic is a given and it is all a matter of letting words flow. Sometimes I have the topics floating around in my head but none will give me that word flow. Some of my topics trigger reactions, some only confusion. I’m only glad I don’t do this for a living. If I had to worry about hits and traffic and attention and all that, this would be a difficult and hardly enjoyable chore.

I do have topics of varying types and scopes that I can choose from. I have a list. There’s one or two series in the works, covering politics, religion, games and so on. I have ideas for short stories too. But often I try to pick a topic out of thin air just to practice at improvisation, and also because, silly as this maybe, I am afraid I will run out of topics if I harvest that list too often. It’s my cache, you know. In case of emergency, break glass.

I don’t post stories here because the purpose here is to keep an essay-like tone. Stories are for when I want /need to write at any given time. I can spend weeks on end without writing a new piece, that is a more whimsical outlet. This here blog is more about discipline. I will not miss a single week.

I’ve read other blogs that could be considered mainstream. They have a large audience and they are famous to varying degrees. I usually see them declining in post frequency from once a week or so to once every half a year, and what most of them, if not all, list as their reason is that they chose quality over quality. As in, if they post once or twice a week, it is not nearly as good as if they post when inspiration truly shines. That is when they create their best pieces, they say. And, you know, it makes sense. They put a ton of work into their pieces. They put drawings made by themselves or pictures that are often cleverly doctored to further deliver the point they are trying to make, and the pieces they churn out are, as a rule of thumb, amazing (pictures or not).

I don’t do any of those things. I hardly ever put in images, and when I do they are not doctored. I don’t put a lot of effort into these things (to do so would defeat the whole purpose of it). This is an exercise. It is practice. It is an outlet, not a chore. It is a hobby, not a living.

Very often do I read an amazing blog post from someone else and I think ‘oh hey, I can write my take on this issue, sort of like a response to this blogger, except it would not be a debate thing, but more like a way of expanding on his or her ideas with my own’. I constantly fight back that temptation though. I have a hunch that if I went down that road it would become a crutch. And let me tell you, I am not a fan of crutches, Now I should not need to clarify, but I do not mean to say that i hate crutches and those who use them. All I’m saying is that I try to not use them myself. That is why I do not drink coffee in the morning, for example. I will wake up by my damn self or be groggy the entire day and tough it out. Speaking from experience, at its best this way of thinking makes you stronger. At its worst, it can become a handicap in those occasions when you just can’t do it by yourself (there are many of those) and are too deep into that habit of self-reliance to ask for the help you need. This also means that more often than not, when I seek to show sympathy and support I show them in a tough, kind of hardass way, which often leads people to think that I do not relate to their woes, when actually, I do.

But anyway, that’s why I won’t take from other people’s blog posts to create my own. Surely I may take topics from them, but that’s inevitable, I might even do it without knowing someone else already touched on the subject. For example, one of the topics I have on my list is Minecraft and its similarity to Legos, but I recently discovered that that comparison has been already made ad nauseam. When I found out, I thought of scratching that item off my list, but I didn’t. If I’m going to strike items out just cause I arrived late to the party and someone else (or several someones) beat me to the punch, I’d be left with nothing. And I already warned you didn’t I? I’m not going to worry about the topic being new or not. It will still be fresh (at least from my point of view) because it will be my never before released take on the topic. Therefore, there will be a post from me about my experiences on Minecraft one of these days.

Very often I read something and I am like hey this is an interesting topic to tackle. But then I realize that I don’t know enough about it to churn out a thousand words. One example, the quote mining many people do of the Bible to try and justify their hatred of certain parts of society while still saying ‘they love their peers’. Anyone who has read the Bible knows that if those who claim to follow it to the letter really followed every single passage of it, they would be stoning their rebellious children, forcefully sleeping with their brother’s widow to give her a son, and other things like that. It is painfully obvious that these people ignore large extensions of the book they claim has made them saints and wise, and I so want to write about it and plant those uncomfortable chapters and verses on their faces and see what they will say about it (not that they would read me anyway as my liberal leanings are, I think, way too obvious). But I cannot write about it because I do not know where those chapters are about being bound to kill the one who spilled the blood of your relative (I remember reading such a passage once, a long time ago). I am pretty sure, however, that the very same book these holier-than-thou folks lean on to hate homosexuality, namely Leviticus, is the same that says you will kill your child if he refuses to behave. I will write about these new era fanatics, though, just you wait.

Anyway, funny story, I had no topic in mind when I began to write. The writing just flowed, and when next I looked, I was about 150 words from my cap; I ended up exceeding said cap by about two hundred words.

See you next week.


3 Responses to “When you do not know what to write about.”

  1. LOL Love this!

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