My Goddess (a touch on religion)

I nearly skipped a week. It was a rough week. Like, shatter the foundations of your present and future kinda rough. I did think of just skipping it altogether, but as I mentioned before, I am well aware of the importance of discipline. This is how true writers are forged. They go on and do it right (to the best of their ability) come hell or high water. If I cannot keep a weekly schedule, how could I expect to keep up with NaNoWriMo?

So even as I dealt with some pretty heavy stuff, the topic for this week began to form in my head, born from the very hope that is often the only thing that keeps me going. As I stated above, this is intended as a talk on religion. I should quickly clarify that I have no intention of slandering any particular religion, or the very concept of it, at all. This is more about the perception of God.

I think it should be clear by now that I am no atheist, if by atheist we refer to those who believe in no creative, active force behind the workings of the universe. To keep the talk grounded, I will also firmly state that I have nothing, absolutely nothing, against atheists. People I know are atheists. I admire them because they are brilliant, driven, successful people, and I adore them because they enrich my life. They never make any attempt to debate my views, and I see absolutely no reason to try to debate theirs. It’s tiresome and pointless.

I was raised as a Christian, a Catholic to be more specific. I went to a catholic private school for most of my elementary education, I grew up hearing about Jesus and Satan and Hell and such. One would say that’s solid ground to make me a staunch Catholic for life. And yet, somehow, it didn’t. Oh, I respect my religion and I keep it for identity purposes. I have no qualms about going to church if I need to and following the etiquette (though I might be a wee bit rusty). However, I have absolutely no trouble breaking away from its ideology in topics like, say, gay marriage. Thus I take my religion lightly and I am happy to let others embrace the belief system that strikes their fancy without trying to argue. What I do take issue with, is people who channel their beliefs in ways that promote hatred, fear, intolerance and ignorance… AND then try to shoehorn it onto others while pretending they are not. To reiterate, it is not religions that I take issue with. It is people.

I have mentioned this to some people on casual rants, but I got a certain someone on my FB page that slowly but surely descended into religious fanaticism… yes, I know it is a bit of a heavy term, but I can’t really call it anything else.  Only reason why I keep her on my feed is that it gives me a prime window into the most extreme expressions of (any) religion.

Every day I find on my feed niceties like a daily report on earthquakes around the world, hate speech against Muslims (calling it a religion of hatred, go figure) or Catholics (the Catholic Church is apparently the Great Whore of Revelation), breaking news on every possible tragedy around the world (the end is near), and just about every single conspiracy theory under the sun; some downright scary. Basically their position is, God handed the world over to Satan and will have no qualms about throwing you to  the furnace for eternity… but he loves you (yes, every now and then I find pictures of cute babies saying God loves me, right next to pictures of eternal suffering and torment in Hell. Really now?!).

Thus, I have found myself straying from the concept of God that modern day Christians seem to have, fanatic or not (that includes Catholics). Goddess describes more my belief.

I believe that she is neither male nor female, but I think of her as she because her female nature has been nearly forgotten and replaced by a male one. Gods made male are usually vengeful, jealous, selfish, insecure. Gods made female are nurturing, kind, beautiful, motherly. Like Mother Nature and Mother Earth.

I believe in a Goddess that loves every one of her creatures unconditionally, and who would never expect us to hate others simply because they believe or live differently. My Goddess would not would punish a few decades’ failure with an eternity of unspeakable torment.

My Goddess does not speak through a single book, or to a mere handful of privileged people; and she did not stop talking two thousand years ago. There are feelings, lessons and concepts that far surpass the capability of words, and all languages and venues are hers. Scents, memories, images, sounds, feelings. With infinite, boundless patience she reaches out, always there, never imposing. Hers is not a message of fear. Hers is love.

My Goddess is in everything, and thus everything is sacred. Every moment, every experience, is holy. The world is a temple, and every day is to be revered. There are lessons behind every event, and perfection within that which looks like chaos.

My Goddess is not overprotective. Where there is action, there is reaction. What you sow, you reap. What you irradiate, returns to you. This is not hatred, it is physics. It is not vindication, it is a lesson. But even as I err and stumble, hurt and suffer, she loves me and cares for me in ways that often are not immediately apparent to me.

There is much I do not comprehend about my Goddess, and there are many lessons that I often forget even after I learned them. But it is by resting assured of her presence and her hand that I endure through some of the toughest roads I have had to walk.

This is not me trying to convince you of anything. That is the beauty for me. I have no need to try and turn people to my way of thinking. Some will agree, some will disagree, and in the end my mind and spirit will remain the same, except as they are forged and reshaped by my experiences in life.

This is just me speaking my mind, which, as you remember, is the main reason for this blog. I am not here to appease you or convince you. Sometimes you will agree with me, sometimes you will disagree. And we will still be happy talking to one another, letting our ideas out at ease without trying to force them onto each other.

And this is also me, reminding myself why I am able to endure, and why I may take bliss in the present, and keep faith in the future, as I go down a path that looks dark and rough. This reminder works for me, even though I am aware much of what I wrote may clash with your ideas. But that’s okay. That is what makes us individuals.

See you next week.


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