For the Templars!

Disclaimers: a) The large majority of this post is based off of purely fantasy-based incidents. i.e. roleplay at my home server of Earthen Ring. b) The misspelling in the word ‘Templars’ is intentional. Don’t hate.

First, I was a sellsword. I looked for scores both honest and profitable to gain my next meal. I was fresh off of my home city and I was both too hairy and too fierce to fit into normal society. I didn’t give a damn, though. I didn’t give a damn about bigotry, or about those who would go as far as hunting me. I could take them all on, and I did. My nights were spent at a tavern with my comrades and my days saw me to the field. Fel, I even got hired as head of security by the weekly market, twenty gold coins an hour, and many are the miscreants I sent packing every night. It was a good life… but I lacked a purpose.

Then I turned to the seas. I wrenched a ship off the paws of some good-for-nothing pirates with the help of some of the friends I had made during my mercenary days. We knew little to nothing about how to cruise around the seas, but we didn’t care. We would learn on the go. Long were the days and nights we spent making the ship good for our pursuits, so that it would have no connection with her shady past. I still found my way to the local inn every night, the owners liked me so much they even let me bartend whenever I pleased. It was fun, spinning those bottles in my hand and serving drinks to fellows both of high and low standing, while during the day I learned the sailing ways. It was a good life… but I lacked a purpose.

Time went by and, my comrades gone, I was now a Captain. I took to the seas and braved many storms, and left a footprint in places I had never before gone. I assembled a crew, that I tested alone. We fought pirates, and giants, and foes of all kinds, as we brought our parcels to all the world’s corners. My name grew, and so did my fame. I amassed wealth, and carved a life for myself. It was a good life… but I lacked a purpose.

My ship was sunk, and I parted ways from my crew. I did not give in, I took the helm of another ship and back into the Great Blue Beyond I went. I had no friends, I had no family. All paths were mine, and many adventures came my way. With flintlock and cutlass, with brains and brawn, I weathered many storms and foes of legend.  More and more my prestige grew, for I was a seafarer that would go where few others would even dare tread. And that is when I turned my eyes towards the Order.

They were few, they were brave. They were much like me; they would march anywhere the perils of the world would take them. They were fueled by honor and a purpose, they were a force unstoppable. Inspired by their example, I approached them and asked to join them. I pledged my blade, my rifle, my ship and my skills as a sailor to their noble cause. It was a short journey, shorter than most, but that only speaks to how well they knew me. For they and I had already joined forces in the past, for years in fact.

And new adventures thus began. I marched with sword and shield in hand, to quell a foe that would have torn the world asunder. I ferried them anywhere they would need, and I shared many moments, high and low, at that tavern in a frozen corner of the continent. No bloodthirsty mobs, no imposing menace, would bring our spirits down. We would stand or fall, as always, as one.

I was there when trouble began brewing in the horizon yet again. We knew they were many, they were determined, and they were coming for us. Many nations came together during those days, and my ship, mighty and large, was one of the many, in the most formidable fleet assembled in recent memory. We fought tooth and nail, blade and gun, they on damp soil, we upon the waves. I was there when we stopped them at every turn.

And I was there when our home was wiped out of existence.

Yet again I set sail, for fate called me south. I was the first to tread upon an until then unknown continent on behalf of my Order. I planted their banner and made a safe port for them. And I kept them fed and safe as they marched upon yet another overwhelming foe, one that threatened their very sanity.

And they were there when I went from Captain to Admiral. When my skill to lead fleets was at last rewarded. My role changed that day, my desk would keep me longer. But still I would miss not a chance, to be at the frontlines again.

They were there when I fell in love, and it was right on time to sail back north. For them I did keep the beaches safe and sealed tight. For them I rained lead on our newest foe’s gates, and me and many others turned the opposing navy to shreds. And now here I stand, weathered but still strong, with love by my side and the world at my feet. And not a day do I forget, that fortune, my friends, fortune favors the bold.

No longer do I march alone, no longer do I sail aimlessly, no longer do I feel that my life is pointless and empty. Long gone are the days of solitude and confusion. Now, my blade is ever sharpened and my gunpowder always dry. Now I have a life, and a purpose. I have a family, and a leader I would follow to the tenth circle of Hell. I am one of the few, one of the bravest.

I am a Templar of the Rose.


One Response to “For the Templars!”

  1. I love the comparisons. How often our own lives slip into that world and that world slips into reality. I am so glad you slipped through to both sides.

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