Hi, thank you for stopping by. The following shall help clarify some things and curiosities you may have about me, this work, or other matters related. They are Frequently Asked Questions, even if they are not asked to me. Check back whenever you’d like, I constantly update or edit this.

So what’s this blog about?

This blog is an attempt at expressing myself freely. That means language may be foul, this is your first and only warning. You don’t like curse words, there’s still time to leave.  I don’t curse that often, though. I believe that a reckless use of words such as fuck, cunt, bitch and asshole is as petty as it is to consider such words taboo.

As this is a free writing exercise, I usually do not worry about whether the topics I am tackling are original or have been discussed at nauseam. You probably won’t find much in terms of original topics, but you will find a fresh outlook. My outlook.

For the same reason, I do not worry too much about offending people. Mind, I’m not about to go on page-long tirades insulting you, your loved ones, your way of life and whatnot. But maybe I will go on rants cause that’s where my mind is at a given moment, and because, as those who are acquainted with me know, I am an asshat. And usually they not only accept it… they like it! And I like it too. I am not heartless though, so if I happen to touch on something you hold dear, rest assured I did not know, unless otherwise specified in which case I will be careful when talking about it. If I offended you let me know, but be polite, yes?

This is also an attempt to get past the crippling insecurities. Things like “Nobody gives a damn what I have to say about things”, “these topics have been discussed for ages/are offensive”, “what if they don’t like how I write”, “writing is for pros”, and so on. Hunker down, churn out walls of text (one thousand words or more per sitting), done. If I manage to entertain you while I’m at it, I’ll call that a win-win.

Because, I want to go pro. I’m tackling NaNoWriMo at every chance I get. I don’t care about winning, I only care about the 50K-words-in-30-days marathon. I got an idea for what I am going to write, but I ain’t telling you. It’s a surprise.

How did this blog get started?

Encouragement from a fellow blogger. While I will be always thankful for the initial push, we have since then grown apart, and I shall not speak more on the matter.

What topics do you cover here?

Topics here range from the real to the trippy, from the serious to the inappropriate. Games and reflection, bit of politics and other touchy subjects, weird and serious, deep and light. If you’re here looking for wisdom, you are lost… but then again, you might find it. Wisdom is often found in the most unlikely of nooks and crannies.

How often does it update?

My goal is one post, 1000 words or more, every week. This is only temporary though, as right now I have too much free time and not enough activities to fill it with. I expect the pace might change in the future and if it does, I will update here accordingly.

My main concern is to run out of ideas too soon. Surprisingly enough, I am building up a nice buffer. Depending on how that buffer fluctuates, there is the off chance that I will put up two posts instead of one on a given week.

What about yourself?

I’m a 32 year old dude (if you know me and discover I have not updated my age and I should, let me know. I don’t mind piling up years, I only mind how I use them), born and raised in good old Northern Mexico. Indeed, I’m bilingual (I’m currently working on my third language!)

I am a writer that used to let loose his creativity with short stories besides this blog. As a necessary outlet, I am an RP junkie, I’ve toured forums, IMs and a few MMOs. I’ve seen communities good and bad, alive and dead. I also would like to dabble in voice acting some day.

I’m a gamer extraordinaire; from console to PC, from FPS to RPG, from single player to MMO, I’ve done it all. Nowadays its’all  MMO: primarily World of Warcraft, Earthen Ring server; with slightly less frequence I play on GW2’s Tarnished Coast server, and also on and off I swing by Star Wars: The Old Republic, calling their Ebon Hawk server my home. If you are both knowledgeable and observant, you will notice they are all roleplay servers. While the RP action I get varies greatly from game to game (WoW is by far my primary source), I still do what I can.

I am an avid reader; I read all the things, from the classic to the potentially disturbing. Thank the internet gods for webcomics.

I am also a Star Wars fan, though not hardcore enough to collect figurines or dress like a trooper. I only like the lore and shooting things from a spaceship (who doesn’t?).

Music is another of my lifelines, but if you ask me what type of music I like, I can only answer “whatever sounds nice”. I like tunes from all kinds of genres and ages.

Why “Mental Vagabond“?

Cause my mind wanders literally everywhere, so I am a vagabond of the mind. Or because I am a vagrant who is also a wee bit loopy. Pick one.

Why “Hike and Forage”?

To keep with the nomadic feeling I get from my wandering mind, and also a mild allegory of life itself. You walk your path, you forage for food, and go on.

Do you write in Spanish too?

I can, but I have not done it in years. I feel far more comfortable with an English-speaking audience, probably because I began to intimate with it the moment I became a grownup. It’s what I know best. It’s what I love.

What’s the story with these links?

Those are mostly works that belong to creative, fun people who also happen to be my friends. They did not ask me to link to them, I only do it cause I want to. Check ’em out. I’m pretty certain you’ll like what you find.

Hi, I just followed you. Follow me back!

Thank you for the nudge! While I adore seeing people come by, I have the standard practice of not reciprocating follows unless the content and/or the person are of interest to me. However, I never flatout ignore a follow. If you poked me, I will go see your work and then choose whether to follow you or not.

Would you link to/follow my work if I asked you to?

If you have to ask this question, then the answer is no. And if you ask me to link to you, odds are I’ll be even more discouraged to do so (with a few exceptions). If I like you well enough, I’ll ask you for your link myself or post it without you knowing. Cause that’s how I roll.

If you’d like me to take a gander at this or that work for whatever reason, I’m always open to recommendations. It’s all in how you ask.

What if I don’t want you to link to, say, my personal Facebook and you post the link anyway? Cause that would be mean.

Well, obviously I will not post links to your personal stuff. Just your work. Your blog, your art portfolio, your DeviantArt, that kind of thing. And if you find your link on my list and you want me to take it down, by all means, just ask.

Sooner or later I will set up some way for people to contact me and ask me questions not answered here. For now, this is all you get!


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