So I tried to put this up on the main page like the blogroll is supposed to work but I failed. While I figure that out, I’ll list my link selection here.

National Novel Writing Month, aka No Plot? No Problem!, sponsored by the Office of Letters and Light. Built on the philosophy that a good novel starts by quantity over quality, it provides a treasure trove of support, knowledge and pep talks for those of us who feel the writing bee stinging at us. If you are an aspiring writer, don’t wait till the actual Writing month rolls in to join their club.

See you in November!

RP Made Simple, by Shaw. Ever wanted to give RP a try, but feel like it is intimidating, made for pros, and you have no business there? And so many first encounters only reinforce this feeling. Take a look at Shaw’s site, though, and you will find a wealth of tips and encouragement that will get you started on your RP odyssey. Besides being one of the most welcoming characters I have encountered out there (which you would not easily expect from a Forsaken), Shaw is an absolute delight to talk to out of character. Trust me. I know.

More to come.


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